Young Adults

Young Adult (18 - 25) Treatment Programs

Realization Center offers several treatment planning options for young adults. We offer separate outpatient services that include supportive therapy groups, alcohol and drug education, relapse prevention, anger and stress management. The clinical staff at Realization Center is especially skilled in providing treatment for the unique needs of young adults and their families.

The developmental needs of young adults represent a special challenge to addiction treatment providers. There is a quest to separate from their parents, join with peers and create a sense of independence. However, when this process becomes interrupted by the use of alcohol and drugs, development of a healthy sense of self is arrested. This can be a time of confusion, frustration and fear for many young adults. At Realization Center, the professional caring staff will help young adults cope with these feelings in a safe, supportive setting.

Services Provided

Our after school program consists of therapy, recreation, alcohol and drug education, homework assignments and skills management training. They will learn new coping skills to handle peer pressure and develop more appropriate ways to express anger. Through positive reinforcement, limit setting, role play and education, young adults get the support they need to navigate this tricky road to adulthood. Believing that recovery affects the entire family, participating in the Family Support Group for parents and caregivers is strongly encouraged.

Young people can and do get sober every day. Hundreds of young people find freedom from addiction every year at Realization Center. Families find help and support at Realization Center too.

Family Services

Families play a major role at Realization Center. Along with peers and school, families are the program’s partners, and all pull together to put young adults back on the path to healthy physical and emotional development.

Families meet at least once per week with the young adults in a group setting conducted by trained professionals. Family counseling is also available.

Trained professionals work with families to help to establish guidelines for healthy and appropriate communication and interaction. They help to provide families with education about recovery and relapse prevention.

Realization Center assists the family in shifting the focus from the young adult in order to evaluate and promote change within the family as a system.

Signs And Symptoms Of Young Adult Substance Abuse

  • Addictive problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, food addictions, gambling, etc.,
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Problems with authority
  • Behavior problems such as negative attention seeking, aggressive behavior, stealing, lying, fighting, hitting
  • Dangerous risk taking, sexual acting out, self mutilation
  • Chronic school problems, underachievement, learning difficulties, anxiety
  • Excessive fears, worries, sadness, daydreaming, boredom, shyness
  • Social isolation and low self-esteem
  • Coping with divorce in the family, illness, loss and other major stressors
  • Sudden and sustained emotional changes
  • A pattern of changes in school attendance and grades
  • Several instances of unaccountable money or unexplained loss of money
  • Dramatic changes in friendships
  • Uncharacteristic changes in mood or personality
  • Drugs missing from the medicine cabinet
  • Physical clues such as deterioration in appearance, track marks, changes in weight, etc.


18-25 years of age, assessed as having some separation from primary family.


This is a core early recovery program for young adults. Basic psycho-education around addiction, recovery tools, and relapse triggers and prevention will be combined with process and identification of underlying issues. This will include independent living skills and individuation work. Random drug testing is provided.

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