DWI / DUI Treatment Program

Realization Center is an OASAS-licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment program, specializing in the education and treatment of individuals dealing with the aftermath of a DWI/DUI offense.

The primary goal of our DWI/DUI treatment program is for the participant to become totally aware that responsible use of alcohol absolutely rules out driving a car while under the influence.

Services Provided

The individual successfully completing our program must leave understanding that there are no exceptions to this rule, no special circumstances, and no safe level of intoxication.

Secondly, all participants are guided through an examination of their own reasons for using alcohol or other mood altering drugs. Participants completing the program should arrive at an informed decision about their own actual or possible dependence on such substances. Through the cognitive behavioral curriculum of our specialized DWI/DUI treatment program, all participants are expected to assume this responsibility.

We also request that participants submit a breathalyzer and a supervised urine drug screen upon every treatment visit.

The treatment curriculum combines 15 weeks of intensive education and social support in addition to strict guidelines related to completion

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