Onsite 12 Step Meetings

Realization Center supports an abstinence-based model of recovery and encourages all clients to attend 12 step meetings.

Some 12 step meetings are offered onsite. All are welcome.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a trained clinician, call us at (212) 627-9600 and ask for our intake department.

We will be happy to discuss our program with you in detail and to answer any and all questions.

This phone call is confidential.

12 Step Meetings

7:45pm Refuge Recovery
7:45pm Co-Dependents Anonymous Beginners (CODA)
7:45pm Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)
7:45pm Underearners Anonymous (UA) – Business, Visions and Actions
7:45pm UA – Anon

7:45am First Things First (SCA)
7:45pm Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA) – Step Writing Meeting
7:45pm Underearners Anonymous (UA) – Business, Visions and Actions

7:45pm CEA-HOW
7:45pm Ninjas in Recovery (AA)
7:45pm CODA
7:45pm Chapter 9 Couples in Recovery
7:45pm Sanon Family Group

7:45am First Things First (SCA)
7:45pm Clutterers Anonymous (CLA)
7:45pm Overeaters Anonymous – Topic Discussions (OA)

6:45pm Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
7:45pm Emotions Anonymous (EA)
7:45pm Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA)
7:45pm Overeaters Anonymous (OA)
7:45pm Marijuana Anonymous (MA)
7:45pm UA – Anon

8:30am First Things First (SCA)
9:00am Debtors Anonymous (DA)
10:00am Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA)
10:30am Overeaters Anonymous (OA)
10:30am Compulsive Eaters Anonymous – HOW (CEA-HOW)
11:00am Women’s Meditation (AA)
11:30am Underearners Anonymous (UA)
11:30am Overeaters Anonymous – Survivors of Child Abuse (OA)
(Last Saturday of the month only)
12:00pm Nicotine Anonymous (NA)

12 Step Meetings

6:30pm Grey Sheeters Anonymous

6:30pm Underearners Anonymous (UA)

11:00am Grey Sheeters Anonymous