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What It Is – Who Has It – How To Get Well and Stay Well

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Realization Center’s Food Addiction Treatment Program provides education and treatment for those who struggle with and suffer from compulsive overeating, bingeing and purging and restricting. It is the first outpatient program to treat eating disorders as an addiction. We believe eating disorders are an addiction; progressive and potentially fatal which requires a comprehensive treatment approach. True recovery takes place when the biological, psychological and social issues are addressed. Realization Center is committed to provide to the public information that offers options to those who may be suffering from food addiction and not know it.

Week 1 & Week 2 Topic:

How did I get this problem? Illustration of Development of Food Addiction: Little Food Addict in Training

Week 3 Topic:

Disease Concept of Addiction – It’s Not Broccoli

Week 4 Topic:

Sugar (& Flour) The Brain Connection & the “Culprits”

Week 5 Topic:

What is Food Addiction? The Problem

Week 6 Topic:

What is the Solution? Abstinence

Week 7 Topic:


Week 8 Topic:

More on Sugar & Flour

Week 9 Topic:

Compliance vs. Surrender

Week 10 Topic:

Sugar & Flour – How Blood Sugar Levels Work in the Body

Week 11 Topic:

Feelings – Eating Them Down or Expressing Them

Week 12 Topic:


Week 13 Topic:

Self Esteem (& Recovery)

Speaker: Dianne Schwartz, CASAC
Dianne developed and has been the Director of the Food Addiction Treatment Program for 18 years. She provides weekly psychoeducation series to all clients on the relationship between food addiction and chemical dependency and the importance of changing/improving eating patterns for relapse prevention and improving over-all functioning. Dianne has presented numerous times at trainings to various treatment facilities and presentations to Community Organizations on Eating Disorders. She mostly recently presented at the NASW – 45th Annual Addictions Institute – Innovations in Addictions Treatment Conference: “Exploring the Real Culprits in Food Addiction – Its Not Broccoli!!”


What It Is – Who Has It – How To Get Well and Stay Well

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