Thank God, It’s Friday!!
Today is Good, It’s Friday!!

How about – Thank God I’m Free! Free? Free from what you may ask.
Free from work for the week?
Free from getting up at 6am every day (unless you have children, and then that never ends!)
How about – Thank God I’m Free From From Addiction!


If you are truly living a sober life – than you have acheived true recovery and you are free from your addiction.

Think of recovery as a work week.
Monday is the crappiest of all days – think of that as rock bottom, the day that you finally realize that you need help. You go to a meeting, you stop using, you go to a rehab center

By Wednesday, you keep building your sober support, you keep going to meetings, you just keep going –

By Friday – oh that wonderful Friday! Where you are FREE from your addiction!

So, if you are still struggling with the pains of addiction, with the pain of relapse, with the daily struggles that come from temptation and the urge to keep using – don’t worry for one day soon you will be celebrating a WONDERFUL TGIF. One that doesn’t last one day a week – one that lasts every single day!