Statistics are here to prove that there is a rise in drug trafficking, robberies, prostitution, and disorderly conduct in the neighborhoods of Pocono City. This part of the city has shown to not only be disorderly but have also shown to have a large amount of graffiti. The people of this neighborhood have shown no interest in the welfare of the community projects nor have they taken any interest in helping people to carry out any welfare activities. The way to bring awareness amongst these people is to allow the involvement of the police by increasing the patrol and educating the people about crime and seeking their support to decrease the crime in the neighborhood.

The reason for this neighborhood being a blacklisted neighborhood in the New York’s City book records are due to the poor breeding which has led to the increase in the crime, where cigarette addiction, nicotine addiction and many other vices prevail in full swing.


The poverty level being too low is also a reason for some of the violent crimes that this neighborhood has witnessed. Being situated near the most important business area i.e. the New York City the crime rate has seen to have been on the increase as the laws regarding the Nicotine Treatment in New York City has been taken too lightly. There is no major formidable law that can prevent all the different vices prevalent in this neighborhood to come to an end as long as there is not strict enforcement of laws punishing those involved in trafficking of drugs, prostitution etc.

The city council needs to open up Nicotine Treatment Centers in New York City along with rehabilitation centers to help people overcome their smoking addiction by setting up Smoking Addiction Treatment in New York City. This city has seen juvenile’s who are not only addicted to smoking but also in Narcotic addiction.

The government is trying various means to educate the people of Pocono City to overcome the violent crimes that they are famous for and work for the betterment of their own community but with little success.

The overview has shown that the drug lords can stoop down to any extent to sustain their business of drug trafficking, prostitution etc. Cigarette Addiction in New York City has also seen a rapid increase as these drug traffickers have to sell cigarettes with more of these drugs, which give you the feeling of lightheadedness etc. The council needs to put in more strict reforms curbing children from getting habituated to smoking and use of drugs and punish the traffickers for encouraging these vices from breeding in their neighborhood.

Setting up commissions to help provide statistic reports but they need to discuss and interact with the people to implement these set of rules for the betterment of the whole city. The need to change the attitude of the people is the most important thing if you wish to achieve good results.