A Rockefeller drug law is nothing but a term referred by the New York Penal Law Under the section of Article 220 for the possessing and selling of narcotic drugs. This law has become an issue of debate for the politicians as being the cruelest form of punishment.
Many in the opposition think that the Rockefeller Drug Law has not been taken seriously as the rate of drug trafficking have increased greatly.

Narcotic crimes has merely taken these crimes as non-violent and The Narcotics Treatment in New York City has been unfair as regards to the families who have suffered the after effects of drug as there is a lot more to crime than just drug peddling etc.

Narcotics addiction in New York City has seen a large growth with many children falling a prey to this addiction. The crimes due to the increase in drug peddling, drug trafficking is more serious crime than murder as the life of not only the individual but his or her family is destroyed.

As the Narcotics treatment in New York City is not taken seriously the crime rate has also seen an increase and these crimes have been very violent destroying the quality of not only the person but of those who are living with them.

Those who feel that the Rockefeller Drug Laws are very harsh need to go out to those lanes where there are more of these kind of people and just see them exchanging drugs in broad day light without the fear of the New York City Police as innocent children pass through these lanes making them prone to get habituated to Nicotine addiction. You can also see crack-cocaine addicts moving about in their half dazed manner around half dilapidated houses without any fear.

If you go to Delancey you will be shocked to see them exchange Oxycontin openly as they know that Narcotics Treatment in New York city has always been looked at as a petty crime and not an heinous crime that affects the lives of many people. Going through these lanes and by lanes you would never want your child to pass through these lanes for the fear of them becoming addicts.

Reading about the way these drug lords go to extreme levels to sustain their drug business is truly shocking. Having taken the Narcotics Addiction in New York City lightly has led to the city sitting on a live volcano which when it erupts will not only destroy the overall growth and development of the nation but will also destroy the future of the younger generation.

Narcotics Addition in New York City needs a more firm dealing force if you want to save the country’s future. The focus should also be laid to reform those drug addicts by setting up Nicotine Treatment Centers in New York City so that the cities revenue does not go in utilization of drug prisoners.