Addiction affects more than 5 million American adolescents in the form of a substance or alcohol use disorder.

Through the help of our addiction team at Realization Center, teens suffering from addiction get the help they need and find sustainable recovery.

Some Important Facts about Teen Drug Abuse

  • Nearly half of college students use illicit drugs
  • Children and teens who use alcohol and drugs are more likely to have a substance use disorder as an adult
  • There is a clear link between depression and substance abuse in teens
  • Marijuana use is at a 30 year high among college students
  • Teens don’t recognize the risks of smoking marijuana regularly
  • Alcohol is the substance most widely used by teenagers
  • Binge drinking is a real problem among college students
  • Teenage substance abuse also includes using legal medications without a prescription?

Teen substance use can be deadly.
Don’t suffer alone. Realization Center can help.
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