Co-occurring Disorders and Dispelling the Stigma of Addiction and Mental Illness

“I DON’T KNOW WHICH WAS THE STRANGER, more terrifying moment: the moment when a psychiatrist told me I had a mental illness, or the moment I realized I was an alcoholic, through and through. I remember both moments Clearly: my stomach dropped, the room seemed cold, and I wanted to run for the door. When it came time for me to face facts, I didn’t do it. Not that first time. The fear that accompanied those simple facts—that I have a mental illness, that I am an alcoholic—was so overwhelming that I did what fear told me to do: I hid.” *

The stigma associated with addiction and mental health issues can be devastating to someone who needs help.  It is imperative to begin to recognize these illnesses as severe health conditions.

Mental illness and addiction must be viewed the same as other legitimate medical illnesses, such as diabetes or cancer.

To erase the stigma and allow those suffering to receive treatment without shame, we must all work together.

“So by the time we addicts or alcoholics with mental illness have reached a place of complete defeat by the time we realize that our lives have become unmanageable—we are living under so many layers of shame, deception, denial, and fear that it seems at first impossible to dig ourselves out. We are used to the dark, lonely place where we’ve lived for so long. We’re used to the company of our substance of choice, the comfort of our habitual terror, the pain of our mental illness. These things are more familiar than what the Twelve Steps promise: a life in a community of people who have found a better way to live. To the practicing addict with mental illness, a life up there in the light seems almost as frightening as a life down here in her own private hell.”

Realization Center, an OASAS licensed treatment provider has been helping people with co-occurring disorders for the past 35 years.

“A reasonable amount of stress and a healthy physiology keep us sane and content. When things get out of balance, however, we can become absolutely miserable, and sometimes dangerous to ourselves or others. Medical professionals call this lack of balance a mental health disorder. Like many other disorders, it may require treatment, also like many other disorders, it can be effectively treated in the vast majority of cases.”

Our professional treatment team which includes psychiatrists, clinical social workers, mental health counselors and certified substance abuse counselors help individuals with both addiction and mental illness learn to manage their disorder and learn the skills necessary to successfully function on their road to recovery.

Sane: Mental Illness, Addiction, and the 12 Steps By Marya Hornbacher
Dual Diagnosis: Drug Addiction and Mental Illness By Malinda Miller
Living with Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Disorders: A Handbook By Mark McGovern, Scott Edelstein

Opiod Addiction in NYC


Parents can aid their children through open communication, good part modeling, and primary instruction on drug or early detection. If there is one doubt in the mind there is a major problem. The judgment to obtain a food treatment for a teenager is serious. Parents are confident to search conference form health professional while making any decision about material abuse Teenage Drug Treatment In New York City. Families and parents should be learned consumers & they should be concerned in their teenager’s recovery. Here are few important things that should be considered.


NO solitary healing treatment is suitable for all teenagers. It is very necessary to contest interventions, treatment setting or services to every personal’s particular needs and problems.

It is vital to her final success in recurring to healthy implementation in the school, society and family. Teenage Drug Treatment In New York City must be concentrate various require of the personal-not just use drug. Any associated psychological, medical, cognitive and social problem should be addressed.

Treatment demands for plenty of time. As the time pass you will fine effective or positive changes. Each child is different or the length of time in curing is depend on her or his needs or problems. Counseling & extra behavioral therapies are important components for effective curing. In therapy, child sees issue of inspiration, make skill to oppose drug use, restore drug using behavior with constructive & rewarding behavior, or progress problem- solving talents.

Addicted and drug – abusing personals with simultaneous mental disorder should have equally disorder treated in effectible way. As mental disorder and addictive disorder generally take place in the similar individual. Individual should be treated and assessed for re- occurrence of other kind of disorder. Remedial detoxification securely arranges the correct physical symptom of removal related with stopping the use of drug. Firm inspiration can facilitate the healing process.

Enticement and sanctions in the school setting, family, and childish justice organism can add considerably both treatment retention and entry rates and the victory of drug cure interventions. Healing form addiction may be a lasting term method & frequently demands various episodes of healing treatment.

As with various other constant sickness, relapse medicine use can happened during and the victorious treatment episodes. Addicted individual may demand extended treatment or several episodes of healing to get long term moderating and completely restored functioning. Take part in self- aid programs or following treatment in beneficial in balancing abstinence.

Teenage Drug Treatment In New York City cures the patient. Treating teenager for Opioid Addiction In NYC has been display to be impressive in aiding them come back to work or obtain positive lives. This lesion explain the past of addiction and opioid use in the most famous country United state. Various changes in population origination affected by Opioid Addiction In NYC disorder. Opioid addiction emerged just like a major problem in this great country. Co-operation is very necessary for fighting this problem. Contact Us for more information.

Nicotine Addiction in New York City

Statistics are here to prove that there is a rise in drug trafficking, robberies, prostitution, and disorderly conduct in the neighborhoods of Pocono City. This part of the city has shown to not only be disorderly but have also shown to have a large amount of graffiti. The people of this neighborhood have shown no interest in the welfare of the community projects nor have they taken any interest in helping people to carry out any welfare activities. The way to bring awareness amongst these people is to allow the involvement of the police by increasing the patrol and educating the people about crime and seeking their support to decrease the crime in the neighborhood.

The reason for this neighborhood being a blacklisted neighborhood in the New York’s City book records are due to the poor breeding which has led to the increase in the crime, where cigarette addiction, nicotine addiction and many other vices prevail in full swing.


The poverty level being too low is also a reason for some of the violent crimes that this neighborhood has witnessed. Being situated near the most important business area i.e. the New York City the crime rate has seen to have been on the increase as the laws regarding the Nicotine Treatment in New York City has been taken too lightly. There is no major formidable law that can prevent all the different vices prevalent in this neighborhood to come to an end as long as there is not strict enforcement of laws punishing those involved in trafficking of drugs, prostitution etc.

The city council needs to open up Nicotine Treatment Centers in New York City along with rehabilitation centers to help people overcome their smoking addiction by setting up Smoking Addiction Treatment in New York City. This city has seen juvenile’s who are not only addicted to smoking but also in Narcotic addiction.

The government is trying various means to educate the people of Pocono City to overcome the violent crimes that they are famous for and work for the betterment of their own community but with little success.

The overview has shown that the drug lords can stoop down to any extent to sustain their business of drug trafficking, prostitution etc. Cigarette Addiction in New York City has also seen a rapid increase as these drug traffickers have to sell cigarettes with more of these drugs, which give you the feeling of lightheadedness etc. The council needs to put in more strict reforms curbing children from getting habituated to smoking and use of drugs and punish the traffickers for encouraging these vices from breeding in their neighborhood.

Setting up commissions to help provide statistic reports but they need to discuss and interact with the people to implement these set of rules for the betterment of the whole city. The need to change the attitude of the people is the most important thing if you wish to achieve good results.