“There is no generally accepted de?nition of the concept of gender. It is often used interchangeably with the term sex
Realization Center is proud to be a provider of "front-line" treatment and evidence-based practices for opioid and other addictions. We
“I DON’T KNOW WHICH WAS THE STRANGER, more terrifying moment: the moment when a psychiatrist told me I had a
Addiction affects more than 5 million American adolescents in the form of a substance or alcohol use disorder. Through the
Marilyn White talks about the false sense of courage people receive from the effects of drugs and alcohol, and how
Dianne discusses what happens during food addiction treatment once an addict puts down the food. Hear what she has to
Even a life that appears “perfect” from the outside can be run by addiction. Listen to what Marilyn has to
On Saturday, April 27th, 2013 , the NYPD along with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will be participating in a
New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Commissioner Arlene González-Sánchez today announced that OASAS has launched
A comprehensive program designed specifically for the treatment of COMPULSIVE OVEREATING, BULIMIA, BULIMIREXIA and ANOREXIA. Integrating medical, behavioral, psychodynamic and
TEENAGE DRUG TREATMENT IN NEW YORK CITY Parents can aid their children through open communication, good part modeling, and primary
Statistics are here to prove that there is a rise in drug trafficking, robberies, prostitution, and disorderly conduct in the
WHAT IS THE ROCKEFELLER DRUG LAW? A Rockefeller drug law is nothing but a term referred by the New York
A danger with so-called “casual drug abuse is that it carries a risk that over time- it can escalate into
Chemical Dependency (alcoholism and drug addiction) is the compulsively repeated alteration of brain chemistry by means of a toxin in
NIDA has released a new report on drug abuse and addiction.
Realization Center, Inc. is hosting a joint presentation with Hopewell Sober Living and Talbott Recovery The Unique Challenges of Young
Love is in the air … The romantic music … The delicious dinner … The champagne glasses … WAIT! WHAT?
Realization Center is a proud supporter of Sober Saint Patrick Day! This year it will be held on parade day
REMINDER! Realization Center, Inc. is hosting a joint presentation with Hopewell Sober Living and Talbott Recovery The Unique Challenges of
Caron’s 8th Annual Greater New York Community Service Awards Breakfast pays tribute in a tangible and meaningful way to individuals,
REMINDER! Today is the LAST day to register for tomorrow’s presentation with Hopewell Sober Living and Talbott Recovery The Unique
Realization Center supports the efforts of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Here at the Center, we have an amazing Food
Realization Center Newsletter – March 2013
Even our littlest participants got into the action at Sober St. Patrick Day. This little one took a milk break…
APRIL IS ALCOHOL AWARENESS MONTH The month of April is the 27th Annual Alcohol Awareness Month sponsored by the National
First, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston as they continue to go through this tragedy. The
Realization Center congratulates Jason Collins for bravely coming out and becoming the first openly gay athlete playing in a major
OPEN 12 STEP MEETINGS There are 12 step meetings at both locations as follows: 25 East 15th Street, 7th Floor,
Friends of Recovery New York (FOR-NY), Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of NYS (ASAP), National Council on Alcoholism and Drug
First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all clients, friends and staff! At Realization Center, we believe in True Recovery!!
WHAT DOES 'TGIF' STAND FOR YOU? Thank God, It’s Friday!! Today is Good, It’s Friday!! How about – Thank God
Marilyn White received the Addictions Professional Award from Caron today at a beautiful breakfast at the Mutual of America Building.
Dianne Schwartz, Administrative Director, Director of the Food Addiction Program at Realization Center, will be a presenter at the 45th
REALIZATION CENTER PROUDLY CELEBRATES LGBTQ PRIDE MONTH! Realization Center offers specific LGBT groups through our Dignity program. A program that
Are you feeling the pressure to EAT, DRINK, and DANCE this time of year? Here are some tips to soak
On this day of remembrance, let us never forget all those who died on this day in such a tragic
In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Realization Center is going PURPLE! As we all know, domestic violence and
In a recent anonymous “Patient Satisfaction Survey” we asked our patients: The best thing about Realization Center is: "The care
Notice that the purple is still up in Realization Center – no we are not lazy! We are honoring SPIRIT
REALIZATION CENTER, INC. invites you to a training: Exploring the Real Culprits in Food Addiction – It’s Not Broccoli! Participants
Done Everything? Been Everywhere? Still can’t stop eating? TRUE RECOVERY FROM FOOD ADDICTION BEGINS: Monday, December 9 – 7:45pm Wednesday,
REALIZATION CENTER, INC. & CLEARBOOK TREATMENT CENTERS invite you to a training: How Adolescent Chemical Dependency Impacts Family Participants will
Realization Center Executive Director and Founder, Marilyn J. White, will be celebrating her 40th SOBER ANNIVERSARY on Saturday! Congratulations Marilyn!
Happy Anniversary Marilyn! You are an inspiration to all.  
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Realization Center proudly supports National Eating Disorders Week. Please see this website for more information.
Realization Center hosts 12 step meetings throughout the week. Please check out the 12 step meeting section on this website
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FOOD ADDICTION: CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY'S TWIN Most addicts start off the path to addiction using food as the first drug. The
Hear what Dianne has to say about the addiction and the vicious cycle that it creates. If you or someone
Hear Marilyn White discuss the problem of prescription drugs, and how a doctor may not realize they are prescribing medications
Did you know that Alcohol Awareness Month has been in effect since 1987? The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug
It certainly is possible to restore a workable way of eating after binge eating, listen to what Dianne has to
If you aren't on Twitter - you are missing some words of wisdom on recovery. Follow Marilyn - @Marilyn_J_White https://twitter.com/Marilyn_J_White/statuses/445907128029835264
The holiday season without alcohol or other substances may seem wearisome to those in recovery, but many of us have
Dianne discusses what happens during food addiction treatment once an addict puts down the food. Hear what she has to
Hear Marilyn White respond to the question, “ Why is substance dependency so hard to treat for drug addicts?” For
Hear Marilyn White discuss functional addicts, and how even if you go to work every day, you can still be