Even a life that appears “perfect” from the outside can be run by addiction. Listen to what Marilyn has to say about alcohol addiction and the unfortunate reality that many experience if they do not seek out proper treatment.


If everything in your life looks good you’ve got a paycheck, your wife hasn’t left you, you have a home, you have kids, you have all this stuff and success, then you say to yourself, I don’t have the problem. It’s when things start falling away and a fix the parts of your life, you start seeing.

I had a lawyer yesterday that came in, drunk. He just lost his job, he said they’ve been trying to get rid of me. I said, oh, does it have to do with your alcohol? Oh no, it’s just I can’t get the job done, the particular jobs they give me on time. I said, you don’t think that has to do with alcohol? No. He just didn’t get that alcohol plays a part in his alcoholism, which plays a part in he’s tired in the afternoon, so he loses energy until he has the next drink, then he’s drunk and it’s just a vicious cycle. So he couldn’t put it together.

And some of these people will die before they put it together.

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Marilyn J. White
CASAC, NCAC II Executive Director, CEO The founder, began Realization Center 29 years ago to fulfill her dream of helping both the underserved and the inadequately served addicted population at large.